Welcome to the world of your worry-free IT set up, welcome to Satyam Solutions (P) Limited.. A blend of quality manpower in various aspects of Software Development backed by top-notch brains from the best technological Institute of the country, what was required to give rise to this software start-up. Indeed, all the founders of this Software Services Company are Engineers with various specializations. As a result, the form of the support is be moral, technical and professional. Several professional, mostly from the top companies have laid out their full support and co-operation to the well-being of Satyam Solutions (P) Limited... Satyam Solutions (P) Limited is a leading provider of Data Replication tools for Leading ERP (SAP, PeopleSoft, BAAN, Oracle Business Suite, Tally). Launched in 2009, Satyam Solutions (P) Limited remains unique in the Data Replication & Business Application Framework (XAF) industry by offering innovative and useful tools to all types of users, Satyam Solutions (P) Limited is one of few companies that offer ERP Development Tool (XDeveloper.Net) Satyam Solutions (P) Limited has built a substantial market presence with many of 300's customers, including CMMI Level 4 organizations in the legal & law services, financial/banking services, government industries, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, healthcare and travel & Tourism. The company based in Delhi (India), primarily aims at developing customized application software Ingenious ERP on XAF.Net Framework for its clients who come from different industries such as Finance with Indian Statutory Compliance, Sales & Distribution, HR & Payroll, Manufacturing with Excise and Travel and Tourism. About Cevious Ingenious Cevious Ingenious offers a wide range of integrated, end-to-end business applications and services that are designed to help small, mid-market, and corporate businesses become more connected with customers, employees, partners and suppliers. Cevious Ingenious applications optimize strategic business processes across financial management, analytics, human resources management, project management, customer relationship management, field service management, supply chain management, e-commerce, manufacturing and retail management. The applications are designed to provide insight to help customers achieve business success. Ingenious Application Products The Cevious Ingenious application offers end users the ability to run their entire business from a single application vendor. Cevious Ingenious provides all Enterprises solutions, such as finance, sales & distribution, Inventory management, statutory compliance, HR & Payroll and manufacturing or finance. Cevious Ingenious is designed to allow customers to choose their own set of business functions, and it is sold in many configurations--both as specific business functions and as enterprise-wide solutions. Cevious Ingenious customer can choose whatever applications meet his site's specific business requirements. In addition, the customer is free to customize his ingenious installation, adding new database entities as well as new functionality. For example, a company may use an inventory method that is nonstandard but essential to the company's efficiency; the basic Cevious Ingenious functionality can be modified to accommodate the specific requirements of that inventory method. The result of all of this flexibility is that virtually every Cevious Ingenious installation has its own specific configuration and set of functions. Cevious Ingenious is designed in XAF.Net Framework and XAF.Net purely designed in C#.Net, which is enable you to delivered application a every customization must be identified in the XAF.Net framework & XAF Module Editor, Cevious Ingenious products are distributed as applications with functional modules inside each application. Applications are generally focused on particular business functions. The modules within each application perform specific business tasks