Shoper 9


As technology evolves, businesses like yours have to keep in step to benefit. Satisfying your customers at the same time is often a challenge. We have designed Shoper 9 to handle lakhs of SKUs (items), thousands of transactions per day and even support hundreds of stores in a chain. This way, the modern retail business gets to use its core strengths to full advantage. By way of its unequalled retail expertise and rich development, Shoper 9 represents the best of breed.

From better control of promotions to detailed stock queries, Shoper 9 is up to the task. With its strong interface, this retail management software product addresses common issues such as data exchange between head office, warehouses and stores. Chosen by leading Indian specialty stores, Shoper 9 caters to the apparel, footwear and textile segments with tremendous success. 

Implementation and Support Services

Your retail business may follow unique work practices, methods and have varying requirements. Our analysts can provide you with a suitable automated business solution after studying your business objectives, operations and activities. Proper support and implementation will also be provided by us. Recommending a solution like Shoper 9 calls for assessing whether the product features can meet the needs of your business. A mapping with Shoper 9 features examines this information:


  • Types of products handled
  • Product classifications
  • Sale methods
  • Purchase Management
  • Stock Management
  • Reporting on operations

Shoper 9 as a solution is highly configurable to run your retail business operation in an effective and efficient manner. Business implementations at Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. are managed by personnel who possess extensive knowledge in different retail verticals.

Implementation of Shoper 9 can be carried out either for a large retail chain or for a small single store setup. The modes are either on a project or non-project basis and the activities for a large business generally include:

  • Defining scope
  • Devising a business solution
  • Demonstrating the implementation programme to the customer – Conference room pilot
  • Creation of Templates and Masters
  • Managing interfaces with legacy/third party applications/Tally.ERP 9

  • Customised solution for specific requirements
  • Pilot run
  • Taking stock off the implementation programme – agreeing with the customer
  • Project sign off
  • Corporate Training
  • Implementation roll out
  • Application setups at sites

The activities for a non-project based implementation are scaled down depending on your business requirements and the implementation process adopted is simple in such cases.